Veronica (Roni) Ahern, M.A.

Licensed Psychologist

Approved Consultant
in Clinical Hypnosis


212 Ridgewood Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Before your first session, please read the Psychological Services and Business Practices, and the HIPAA Privacy Notice.   

Please print and bring the following forms to your first session: Provision of Services Agreement, Intake Form, and
Client Information Form

My primary means for contact is by phone.  I schedule all appointments by phone or voice-mail.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so by phone message, and not by e-mail.  During the work day I check the voice messages nearly every hour.  I will return your call in most instances within the same day.  I only use e-mail as a backup or secondary system of contact, and I do not check it daily.

Veronica (Roni) Ahern, M.A., L.P. ~ 212 Ridgewood Avenue ~ Minneapolis, MN 55403 ~ 612-872-8227 ~